Game Developers at UNC Charlotte!

We are Artists, Musicians, Psychologists, Writers, Storytellers, Engineers, Designers, Architects, Writers, Theorists, Programmers, Gamers, Researchers, Scientists...

Welcome to a diverse & inclusive game creation experience and hands-on learning culture.

Come and learn with our community!

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Collaboration meetings:

    • Traditionally, we've done in-person meetings with this time given to help provide a open space to collaborate with other talented game developers from diverse backgrounds and skills like graphic design, game design, programming, psychology, creative writing, programming, and many other unique skills.

    • Recently we have started doing Kahoots during meetings, usually on game trivia. Certain facts about games sparks game design discussions. We have also started experimenting with Gartic Phone for fun.

      In response to the pandemic:

    • We are encouraging open collaboration in our discord voice and text channels. Feel free to jump into a text or voice channel at anytime. In addition, we will be hosting a Dev & Chat stream on Twitch on a weekly basis. Please check the schedule there, give us a follow, and come join us in chat when we are live!

    • (Link) UNCC Game Dev's Schedule - Twitch

Tutorial / workshop meetings:

    • Traditionally, we've used this time to give tutorials or talks about game development with conference style "lighting talks" or live workshops in person. We encourage anyone who would like to teach a skill create interactive live demo or tutorial with our members at meetings.

In response to the pandemic:

    • We are encouraging anyone who would like to share knowledge in any game development related skills to host their own workshops and coordinate with officers and moderators to help self-organize symposium talks via discord. Please join @volunteering-squad in #role-menus read #faq channel for details after joining.

We host Game Jams every semester for students, and the Global Game Jam for the community every year!

If you are a student, alumni, or would like to mentor / volunteer consider signing up to participate in our next 49er Game Jam! Please contact us via discord via (preferred, please also join @VolunteeringSquad role in #role-menu) or by email.

Meet Our Officers:

Hello! My name is Franky, President of UNCC Game Developers!

I'm a junior majoring in computer science. I've been programming games since I was in middle school and kept my love till now. I like trying new things, figuring out problems and having lots of fun! I've join the Game Dev club to help promote more people into making and playing games. I help organize events and help create activities for our weekly meetings.

Hello! I’m Aiden, Vice President for Game Developers!

I am majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering. Game development is something that has been interesting to me for a few years, and I enjoy working as a programmer, pixel artist, and musician on projects.

Hello! My name is Jason, Treasurer of UNCC Game Developers!

I'm majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in AI, Robotics, and Gaming. I've been interested in Game Development and Design since I was a kid.

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Want a spot in our partners / sponsors? We are looking for companies, organizations, and individuals who can say yes to at least one of these questions:

  • Interested in becoming a partner, sponsor, or speaker to promote, innovate, and help grow our pre-professional Game Development community?

  • Looking for college pre-professional students interested in making games to fill in a role?

  • Hosts a local or online game development meetup events, game jams, conventions, or conferences?

  • Student-led organization at UNC Charlotte or surrounding areas that relates to game development.

Contact us officially at and join our discord community. Please email us first if you are representing a company in a official capacity on the sponsorship or partnership agreement.