Game Developers at UNC Charlotte! 

 We are Artists, Musicians, Psychologists, Writers, Storytellers, Engineers, Designers, Architects, Writers, Theorists, Programmers, Gamers, Researchers, Scientists...

Welcome to a diverse & inclusive game creation experience and hands-on learning culture.

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We host Game Jams every semester for students, and the Global Game Jam for the community every year! 

If you are a student, alumni, or would like to mentor / volunteer consider signing up to participate in our next 49er Game Jam! Please contact us via discord via (preferred, please also join @VolunteeringSquad role in #role-menu) or by email.

Meet Our Officers:

Hello! My name is LD, President of UNCC Game Developers!

I'm a sophomore majoring in computer science, concentrating in AI, Robotics, and Gaming. I'm also a french minor! I've always wanted to make games and started with drawing them in notebooks! I'm an avid believer that you are who you choose to be, and I choose to be a game dev! I'll do my best to help you learn whether your a beginner or have a modicum of experience! I'm a 3D artist and novice composer doing my best to explore all areas of game development!

Hello! I’m Aiden, Vice President for Game Developers!

I am majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering. Game development is something that has been interesting to me for a few years, and I enjoy working as a programmer, pixel artist, and musician on projects.

Hello! My name is Jason, Treasurer of UNCC Game Developers!

I'm majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in AI, Robotics, and Gaming. I've been interested in Game Development and Design since I was a kid.

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